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Press release

31 May 2017
Make European monetary union wind and weatherproof

“European monetary union needs more stability. The sovereign debt crisis, in particular, showed us just how fragile the eurozone is ...


29 May 2017
GBIC-Comments on the Consultation Paper on the Draft RTS on the specification of the ..

The EBA has developed the draft Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) on the specification of the nature, severity and duration of ...


15 May 2017
Comments on Step-in Risk (BCBS 398)

The German Banking Industry Committee (GBIC) has responded to a consultation paper published by the Basel Committee (BCBS) on step-in ...

Press release

6 April 2017
Hans-Walter Peters: strong Europe needs competitive banks

“In a world in upheaval, Europe should focus on its strengths – both economically and politically. Only by sticking together can ...

Press release

5 April 2017
Reform of the voluntary Deposit Protection Fund now approved

The Delegates’ Assembly of the Association of German Banks has today approved the proposal by the Board of Directors to ...

Press release

29 March 2017
Banking association president expects hard Brexit

Today’s notification by the United Kingdom of its intention to leave the EU has brought Brexit a step closer ...

Press release

23 March 2017
Krautscheid: EU’s action plan ignores the most important issues in the digital single ..

The German private banks are highly critical of the European Commission’s “Consumer Financial Services Action Plan” unveiled in Brussels ...

Press release

17 March 2017
Banking association president on G20: regulate financial markets in a globally consis ..

With their regulation of the financial markets since the 2009 Pittsburgh summit, the members of the G20 have set standards ...

Press release

16 March 2017
Michael Kemmer: Fed further normalising monetary policy

“Given that the inflation rate is picking up a little, there would have been no reason not to take another ...

Press release

17 February 2017
Association of German Banks plans to reform the voluntary Deposit Protection Fund

The Association of German Banks is working on a reform of its voluntary deposit protection. The objective is to focus ...

Press release

15 February 2017
Promote digital payments throughout Europe

“The private banks want a European digital single market for financial services and will help to actively promote it,” stresses ...


6 February 2017
Michael Kemmers statement on the review of Dodd-Frank Act

Michael Kemmer, General Manager of the Association of German Banks: "Valuable achievements, especially on a basis harmonised worldwide, should not ...

Press release

26 January 2017
Impact of Brexit on German banks will be limited

“The customers of our banks will not be affected by Brexit,” Michael Kemmer, General Manager of the Association of German ...

Press release

25 January 2017
Association of German Banks: further strengthen the international approach of the G20 ..

“The G20 has proved its worth in the almost 20 years of its existence and cooperation between the world’s ...

Press release

18 January 2017
President of the Association of German Banks regrets decision for Brexit

In response to British prime minister Theresa May’s keynote speech on Brexit, Hans-Walter Peters, president of the Association of ...

Press release

16 December 2016
The German Derivatives Association (DDV) and the German Banking Industry Committee (D ..

The German Derivatives Association (Deutsche Derivate Verband – DDV) and The German Banking Industry Committee (GBIC) have proposed that their members ...

Press release

15 December 2016
Kemmer: Fed decision a small step towards normalisation

“The Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike is good news. It underlines that the Fed considers the economic upturn in ...

Press release

8 December 2016
Kemmer on ECB’s monetary policy: an indecisive “having it both ways”

"It’s a welcome development that the European Central Bank (ECB) intends to take its foot off the pedal a ...

Press release

5 December 2016
Kemmer on the result of the referendum in Italy

“The ‘no’ vote by the Italians to extensive reform of the Senate is without doubt a setback – also for Europe ...

Press release

30 November 2016
GBIC: Further strengthen global economic and financial resilience

The German Banking Industry Committee (GBIC) welcomes it that, under the new German presidency, the G20 aims to further strengthen ...


29 November 2016
Articles of Association

Articles of Association

Press release

28 November 2016
Basel IV – don’t place European banks at a disadvantage: content more important than ..

Banking associations in the two major nations France and Germany have sounded the alarm in a joint letter to Federal ...

Press release

24 November 2016
Association of German Banks considers the reform of banking rules a step in the right ..

“At first glance, the European Commission’s legislative proposal for reforming banking rules meets the needs of the European economy ...

Press release

16 November 2016
Kemmer on the Bundesbank’s Financial Stability Review

“Persistently low interest rates and weak economic growth are an extremely difficult combination, which may increase the risks to financial ...

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