Association of German Banks: Mission Statement 

We are the leading association for shaping the transformation of the financial industry.

  • We are committed to the aim of a financial industry acting responsibly and contributing to growth and prosperity for all.

  • We think and act European and internationally.

  • We foster innovation in the financial industry.

  • We give the diversity among our members a powerful voice.

  • We represent the interests of private banks and financial services providers. 

  • We enhance our members’ economic strength.

Principles of political lobbying

The Association of German Banks’ principles of political lobbying have been adopted by our Management Board and apply to all employees of the association in their interactions with political decision-makers, decision-shapers and all employees of the public institutions we are involved with, at all levels.

Lobbying means participating in

  • forming the opinions of
  • politicians, administrative officials and the general public
  • exclusively by legal and legitimate means

to appropriately shape the framework conditions for the financial market and our members.

We know that only politics is responsible for balancing society’s interests and defining what constitutes the common good.

It acts according to its own complex decision-making mechanisms. We respect the profession of politician, its requirements and constraints. This respect determines our conduct; we are aware of our obligation to protect the common good and the positions we take are always influenced by this basic tenet.

We contribute to the political decision-making process.

by explaining banking and financial market issues, thereby helping to ensure that informed decisions are made and that the levels of knowledge in politics and administration are developed and maintained. Representing the interests of our members is our chance to participate in political and social discussions and decision-making processes, and thus be an axiomatic part of our living democracy and plural society.

Transparency and openness are the guiding principles of our lobbying work.

We observe the laws and regulations of our discussion partners. We do not encourage politicians and administrative officials to violate the rules and standards of behaviour that apply to them. All employees at the Association of German Banks involved in lobbying identify themselves by name and as representatives of the association. We are registered in the lobby registers of public institutions and have provided the required information for this purpose.

The most important cornerstones of our work are trust and reliability.

We respect the confidentiality obligations our discussion partners are bound by, and those our employees are subject to from former activities.

Our lobbying is based on factual and evidence-based arguments.

that are formulated to the best of our knowledge and belief, that correspond to our respective level of understanding and are not misleading. In doing so, we fully disclose the business interests underlying our policy positions. We are not affiliated to any political party and remain neutral, even though our work is highly political.

We always consider the appropriateness of the means we use in the work we do.

The Association of German Banks does not give donations to or sponsor any political parties, politicians or candidates for public office. This – as well as any other activities in the spheres of culture, society or promoting academia – remain the responsibility of our members.