#We4Europe – banks for a strong Europe

Together with major companies from all industries, the Association of German Banks is campaigning for a robust Europe. We’ve got together under the motto #We4Europe to demonstrate our commitment to a Europe which is open, united and strong!


Dr. Hans-Walter Peters, Präsident des Bankenverbandes"The private banks in Germany have backed the idea of a united Europe unreservedly in recent years and decades. There has always been something fascinating about the concept of an open economic area, in which goods, services, ideas, people and capital can circulate without restrictions. But behind it all is the notion of ever closer ties between previously hostile countries which have turned the European project into a peace project. Banks, as essential players in a liberal economic order see it as their duty to actively support this peaceful, free Europe which is united in solidarity and capable of action both internally and externally. In the banking industry, we continue to be firmly convinced that if we didn’t have the EU, we would need to invent it. Since we are fortunate enough to have it, we need to improve it. "
Hans-Walter Peters, President of the Association of German Banks and Spokesman for the Managing Partners of private bank Berenberg.