Moving Europe forward – a strong single market for citizens, businesses and banks
21 November 2018

The German private banks’ EU policy positions for the 2019-2024 legislative term.

Strong banks for a single European financial market
28 August 2018

Europe needs competitive and profitable pan-European Banks of ist own that support the European economy, that have established long-term customer relationships and that advise costumers competently, using their knowledge of the market and embracing the same standards (e. g. on data protection).

The German Private Banks’ Ombudsman Scheme
31 January 2018

These Rules of Procedure apply to all cases from 1 February 2017.

By-laws of the Deposit Protection Fund of the Association of German Banks, October 2017
01 October 2017

By-laws of the Deposit Protection Fund valid from October 2017

The German private commercial banks' voluntary deposit guarantee schemes
01 October 2017

A Brief Guide and List of Member Banks.

Companies under attack: cybercrime
06 June 2017

Companies are increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals. This new type of fraud, referred to collectively as ‘social engineering’, is not easy to detect. Learn here what forms it can take and how to protect your company.

Articles of Association
29 November 2016

Articles of Association

By-laws of the Deposit Protection Fund of the Association of German Banks, December 2015
21 January 2016

By-laws of the Deposit Protection Fund (valid until end of September 2017)

Small and medium-sized private Banks - reliable partners
06 November 2015

The private banks include both big, internationally operating banks and small banks with a regional focus, as well as both universal banks and banks specializing in individual lines of business.

The Ombudsman Scheme of the private commercial banks
01 June 2015

Rules of Procedure for resolving customer complaints in the German banking industry (applicable to all cases submitted by 31 January 2017).

Financing foreign trade
19 January 2015

For Germany, foreign trade is the main guarantor of growth and employment, accounting for one in three jobs. What makes foreign trade finance important and how does it differ from domestic trade finance?

The future of IFRSs in Europe
01 November 2014

Since the adoption of the IAS Regulation in 2002, the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) have served as the authoritative accounting rules for publicly traded companies in the European Union.

Survey - Focus on Europe
07 April 2014

Results of a representative survey commissioned by the Association of German Banks ahead of the 20th German Banking Congress 2014.

Regulation of shadow banking
01 January 2014

Shadow banking is given a large share of the blame for the financial crisis. This perception raises the question of what kind of shadow banking system should remain in place in the future.

Banks and Consumers
01 January 2012

The Comprehensive Consumer Policy Scheme of the German Private Commercial Banks

Systemically important banks and how to deal with them
01 March 2011

The financial crisis has shown just how important a stable global financial system is. The failure of Lehman Brothers in September 2008 made clear that the financial distress of a single market participant can cause even global turmoil.

Economics for the classroom
01 January 2011

Getting young people interested in economics and making the subject more accessible to them - that is the target the Association of German Banks has set itself.

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