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Category: Economy

Press release

13 January 2020
Ossig: “Negative interest rates hit banks and customers alike”

“We welcome the ECB’s plan to review its monetary policy strategy this year,” said Chief Executive Christian Ossig at ...


27 November 2019
Krautscheid: Strengthen Europe’s sovereignty, complete the single European financial ..

The new European Commission faces the testing challenge of holding Europe together and moving it forward in an environment that ...

Blog article

12 September 2019
Three questions to Association of German Banks’ president Hans-Walter Peters

Three answers from Association of German Banks’ president Hans-Walter Peters to the ECB decision.


12 September 2019
Peters: ECB accelerating in a dead end

“The current package of ECB measures is based on false expectations,” said Hans-Walter Peters, the Association of German Banks’ president.


16 April 2019
A stronger international role of the euro benefits Europe's economy

An even stronger role for the euro in international markets would increase the EU’s independence and be good for ...


23 November 2018
Krautscheid: Transparency and dependability of equivalence regime for financial servi ..

“Equivalence regimes for financial services are quite rightly no substitute for today’s EU passporting,” Chief Executive Andreas Krautscheid said ...

Press release

5 November 2018
Italy shouldn’t jeopardise the credibility of the euro

Hans-Walter Peters, president of the Association of German Banks, calls for a quick and firm change of course by the ...

Press release

4 October 2018
Autumn forecast: despite mounting risks economy will remain stable

The world economy was likely to remain on track in the coming year. This is the main message of the ...


18 July 2018
Ossig: Italy and Europe – it only works together

“The cohesion of the eurozone is not something that can be forced but can only be achieved through persuasion”, said ...

Press release

19 March 2018
Banking association sees Brexit timetable in danger

“Just over twelve months before the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union, too many questions are still open ...


16 February 2018
Negative Interest Rate Policy is coming to an End

The ECB should therefore drop its over-fixation on the 1.9% inflation rate figure and communicate a timetable for exiting ...


25 January 2018
Christian Ossig, chief executive of the Association of German Banks, comments on toda ..

“The European Central Bank has today passed up the chance to send a fresh signal pointing towards monetary policy normalisation ...

Press release

8 December 2017
Association of German Banks views breakthrough in Brexit talks positively

The European Commission today announced that sufficient progress had been made to enter the second phase of Brexit talks. Association ...

Press release

26 October 2017
Banking association president Peters: ECB decision on expansive monetary policy inade ..

The European Central Bank (ECB) today announced first adjustments to its bond-buying programme from January 2018, and the Association of ...

Press release

7 September 2017
ECB is treading water

Faced with the necessary decision to wind down their bond-buying programme next year, the guardians of the euro have today ...


29 August 2017
Welcome to Brussels Garden Reception

"Brussels is coming to life again politically after the summer break, and this is a moment we don’t want ...

Press release

20 July 2017
Michael Kemmer on ECB: introduce threshold, curb side effects of negative interest ra ..

“I would have liked the European Central Bank (ECB) to take another baby step today, at least a verbal one ...

Press release

7 July 2017
Banking association president on G20: tackle financial regulation jointly at internat ..

Hans-Walter Peters, president of the Association of German Banks: the stability of the global financial system can only be ensured ...

Press release

14 June 2017
Fed’s cautious normalisation sends the right signal

“The interest rate decision taken by the American central bank sends the right signal. It shows the Fed thinks the ...


9 June 2017
Michael Kemmer, General Manager of the Association of German Banks, on the result of ..

Michael Kemmer, General Manager of the Association of German Banks, on the result of the general election in the United ...

Press release

8 June 2017
ECB should take a more decisive step away from negative interest rates

“The European Central Bank (ECB) is starting to take baby steps towards an exit from its extremely expansive monetary policy ...

Press release

6 June 2017
Companies under attack from cybercriminals

The email from the “boss” to the employee in the book-keeping department is headed “strictly confidential”. Referring to an upcoming ...

Press release

31 May 2017
Make European monetary union wind and weatherproof

“European monetary union needs more stability. The sovereign debt crisis, in particular, showed us just how fragile the eurozone is ...

Press release

29 March 2017
Banking association president expects hard Brexit

Today’s notification by the United Kingdom of its intention to leave the EU has brought Brexit a step closer ...

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