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Category: Other regulatory issues

Press release

3 September 2019
Banks call for open markets in Europe

Against the backdrop of the new European Commission, the private banks underline that a Europe-wide home market is more important ...


12 September 2018
Juncker mentions important cornerstones for a strong Europe

“Juncker’s address points in the right direction and has the full support of Germany’s private banks", so Chief Executive Andreas ...

Press release

24 May 2018
Association of German Banks concerned about nexus between states and banks

The European Commission has today unveiled a proposal paving the way for the securitisation of government bonds.

Press release

24 May 2018
Designing the right framework for sustainable finance

As part of its Action Plan on Sustainable Finance, the European Commission has today issued the first concrete legislative proposals.

Press release

9 March 2018
Italian-German Dialogue on Financial Services to intensify

The two financial communities met in Rome today for the second round of the initiative of FeBAF and GBIC. Positive ...


11 October 2017
Statement on the remarks of the European Commission on EDIS in its communication on ‘ ..

The latest comments by the European Commission on a European Deposit Insurance Scheme (EDIS) have not brought about any significant ...

Press release

7 September 2017
Banking president: regulation with a sense of proportion for a strong financial marke ..

“The era of nationalism in financial regulation must be over – despite President Trump and Brexit”, stressed Hans-Walter Peters, president ...

Press release

8 October 2016
Banking association President Peters cautions against new capital requirements

“Significantly higher capital requirements for banks are neither necessary nor justified,” said Hans-Walter Peters, President of the Association of German ...

Press release

25 February 2016
New GBIC expert opinion: leverage ratio sets serious perverse incentives

A leverage ratio will not make the financial system more stable. On the contrary, an inflexible instrument of this kind ...

Press release

4 February 2016
German Banking Industry Committee critical of unnecessary regulatory burdens

In its response to a consultation by the European Commission, the German Banking Industry Committee (GBIC) criticises “unnecessary burdens” arising ...

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