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Press release

16 April 2019
German Banking Industry Committee: EU banking package major contribution to stabilisi ..

The European Parliament today adopted the so-called ‘banking package’ broadly amending cornerstones of banking regulation.


16 April 2019
A stronger international role of the euro benefits Europe's economy

An even stronger role for the euro in international markets would increase the EU’s independence and be good for …


10 April 2019
Peters: ECB is stuck in monetary policy crisis mode

Once again, the ECB has failed to begin its withdrawal from negative interest rates. That’s disappointing. Measures should have …

Press release

4 April 2019
Further relief needed for small and medium-sized banks in Europe

The European banking associations of Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia find that for small and …


4 April 2019
Proportionality in banking regulation – discussions have to continue: “after the CRR/ ..

Since the 2008 financial crisis a number of new laws,rules and regulations have been introduced to increase the stability …

Press release

3 April 2019
Study shows negative impact of Basel IV

A current study by the Association of German Banks shows that European banks are more heavily burdened by the Basel …


20 March 2019
Know Your Customer: Corporate customer verification in the Single Market

The digital transformation (KYC) is one of the key challenges today – also for the financial industry. The Association of German …

Press release

14 March 2019
GBIC: MiFID II is driving customers away from the capital markets

The German Banking Industry Committee (GBIC) has studied the impact of the European Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II).


13 March 2019
Comments on Revisions to leverage ratio disclosure requirements

The Basel Committee’s additional leverage ratio disclosure requirements are designed to reflect its concerns about “window-dressing”. The Basel Committee …

Press release

27 February 2019
Krautscheid: Strengthen Europe’s constructive forces

Around three months before the European elections, the private banks reiterate that more, not less, Europe is what’s needed …


30 January 2019
DK comments on EBA’s Consultation Paper on Draft ITS amending Commission Implementing ..

DK comments on the above-mentioned EBA consultation paper. The EBA changes the ITS requirements in both the credit risk and …


16 January 2019
Association chief Andreas Krautscheid on the British House of Commons’ rejection of t ..

“The vote is a serious warning shot for all concerned,” Andreas Krautscheid, Chief Executive of the Association of German Banks …


21 December 2018
IASB Discussion Paper Financial Instruments with Characteristics of Equity

In July 2018 the IASB has published a discussion paper due to the distinction between liabilities and equity for financial …


18 December 2018
Krautscheid: 100 days before Brexit - crisis mode becoming the norm

“100 days before the United Kingdom leaves the EU, a hard Brexit is more likely than ever", comments Andreas Krautscheid …


13 December 2018
Peters – ending net asset purchases was overdue

“The ECB’s decision to end its net asset purchases at the end of the year was overdue,” said Hans-Walter …


11 December 2018
Europe - Results of an online survey commissioned by the Association of German Banks

“Europe” polarises opinion. As results of an online survey commissioned by the Association of German Banks show, a good half …

Press release

4 December 2018
The Association of German Banks welcomes progress on the risk reduction package

Today in Brussels, EU finance ministers have reached agreement on major elements of the risk reduction package. Christian Ossig, Chief …


25 November 2018
Krautscheid: Agreement finally provides the basis for future economic relations

“We are relieved that the Brexit agreement has finally been approved by the Member States," said Chief Executive Andreas Krautscheid …


23 November 2018
Krautscheid: Transparency and dependability of equivalence regime for financial servi ..

“Equivalence regimes for financial services are quite rightly no substitute for today’s EU passporting,” Chief Executive Andreas Krautscheid said …


21 November 2018
Moving Europe forward – a strong single market for citizens, businesses and banks

The German private banks’ EU policy positions for the 2019-2024 legislative term.

Press release

21 November 2018
Krautscheid: We need more EU single market, not less

The German private banks believe the European Union should push ahead more decisively with the single market for financial services …


15 November 2018
Krautscheid: The moment of truth has come

“The moment of truth has come sooner than many people expected. The response of the British House of Commons will …


12 November 2018
Position paper on further development of the EU equivalence regime

The decision of the UK to leave the EU entails the need to qualify an entire EU submarket as a …


12 November 2018
Interview by Boersen-Zeitung with Andreas Krautscheid, chief executive of the Associa ..

Brexit-Countdown - five questions of Boersen-Zeitung at Andreas Krautscheid, Chief Executive of the Association of German Banks.

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