Association of German Banks’ President, Christian Sewing, on Jens Weidmann’s resignation as President of the Bundesbank

20 October 2021
Jens Weidmann has been a strong Bundesbank President for more than ten years and, internationally, he is a highly respected voice on monetary policy. [ Read Article ]

Andreas Krautscheid on the result of the Bundestag election and its implications for Europe

28 September 2021
”Time is nevertheless of the essence: what we need as quickly as possible is an alliance to tackle the challenges of the future”, said Andreas Krautscheid, Chief Executive of the Association of German Banks. [ Read Article ]

Krautscheid: ECB plans to press ahead with digital euro

14 July 2021
“We very much welcome the ECB’s decision to press ahead with its plans for a digital euro,” said Andreas Krautscheid, Chief Executive of the Association of German Banks. [ Read Article ]

Krautscheid on the proposal for a Digital Identity Framework

3 June 2021
The European Commission today published its proposal for a Digital Identity Framework. [ Read Article ]

Trade and Cooperation Agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom

28 April 2021
The planned memorandum of understanding must be finalised and published. Further delay would be grossly negligent,” said Andreas Krautscheid, Chief Executive of the Association of German Banks. [ Read Article ]

Statement on the EU Commission's proposal on AI regulations

21 April 2021
The European Commission today unveiled a proposal for a regulation on a European approach to artificial intelligence (AI). [ Read Article ]

Banking association President Hans-Walter Peters on the US election

4 November 2020
“The international community looks to the US with concern. Unfortunately, the elections have yet to produce a clear result. We sincerely hope that we will soon have clarity and that the new administration will quickly be able to start work … [ Read Article ]

Krautscheid: Changes to Libra are a renewed wake-up call for policymakers and central banks

16 April 2020
Facebook today issued a new position paper announcing changes to its digital currency, Libra coin. Andreas Krautscheid, Chief Executive of the Association of German Banks, comments as follows. [ Read Article ]

Ossig: Banks want to play a key role on the road to a climate-friendly society

14 January 2020
"For sustainable investments, we need appropriate framework conditions and not even more bureaucracy", said Christian Ossig to the investment programme for a sustainable Europe. [ Read Article ]

Finance climate protection – use market forces

18 December 2019
“As important as sustainable finance is to the private banks, our hopes have unfortunately not been fulfilled," said Christian Ossig. [ Read Article ]

Krautscheid: Strengthen Europe’s sovereignty, complete the single European financial market!

27 November 2019
The new European Commission faces the testing challenge of holding Europe together and moving it forward in an environment that hasn’t become any easier over the past few months due to looming trade wars and Brexit,” said Andreas Krautscheid. [ Read Article ]

Peters: Europe needs a strong single financial market

6 November 2019
It’s gratifying to see movement in the discussion about deepening the single European financial market. [ Read Article ]

Peters: ECB accelerating in a dead end

12 September 2019
“The current package of ECB measures is based on false expectations,” said Hans-Walter Peters, the Association of German Banks’ president. [ Read Article ]

Peters: EU quickly has to become able to act now – drive forward banks’ role in climate protection

27 May 2019
“The high election turnout is pleasing – now we need a clear course quickly,” said Hans-Walter Peters, the Association of German Banks’ president, commenting on the outcome of the European elections. [ Read Article ]

Peters: ECB is stuck in monetary policy crisis mode

10 April 2019
Once again, the ECB has failed to begin its withdrawal from negative interest rates. That’s disappointing. Measures should have been put in place long ago to ease the burden on European banks – like those taken from the outset by … [ Read Article ]

Association chief Andreas Krautscheid on the British House of Commons’ rejection of the Brexit deal

16 January 2019
“The vote is a serious warning shot for all concerned,” Andreas Krautscheid, Chief Executive of the Association of German Banks, said of yesterday’s Brexit decision. [ Read Article ]

Krautscheid: 100 days before Brexit - crisis mode becoming the norm

18 December 2018
“100 days before the United Kingdom leaves the EU, a hard Brexit is more likely than ever", comments Andreas Krautscheid, the Association of German Banks’ chief executive, on the ongoing preparations in the banking sector. [ Read Article ]

Peters – ending net asset purchases was overdue

13 December 2018
“The ECB’s decision to end its net asset purchases at the end of the year was overdue,” said Hans-Walter Peters, president of the Association of German Banks, commenting on the decision today by the European Central Bank. [ Read Article ]

Krautscheid: Agreement finally provides the basis for future economic relations

25 November 2018
“We are relieved that the Brexit agreement has finally been approved by the Member States," said Chief Executive Andreas Krautscheid on the occasion of the EU Special Summit. [ Read Article ]

Krautscheid: Transparency and dependability of equivalence regime for financial services of key importance

23 November 2018
“Equivalence regimes for financial services are quite rightly no substitute for today’s EU passporting,” Chief Executive Andreas Krautscheid said today. [ Read Article ]

Krautscheid: The moment of truth has come

15 November 2018
“The moment of truth has come sooner than many people expected. The response of the British House of Commons will essentially set the course for the coming months,” said Andreas Krautscheid, Chief Executive of the Association of German Banks. [ Read Article ]

Juncker mentions important cornerstones for a strong Europe

12 September 2018
“Juncker’s address points in the right direction and has the full support of Germany’s private banks", so Chief Executive Andreas Krautscheid. [ Read Article ]

Ossig: Italy and Europe – it only works together

18 July 2018
“The cohesion of the eurozone is not something that can be forced but can only be achieved through persuasion”, said Christian Ossig, Chief Executive of the Association of German Banks, ahead of today’s Banken-Dialog (Banks in Dialogue) on “Quo Vadis … [ Read Article ]

Krautscheid: A digital identity for Europe – foster innovation across borders

4 July 2018
“In the EU, it is not normally possible to collect and use customer data in a standardised way either across borders or digitally. If we are serious about creating a digital and consumer-friendly Europe which also fosters innovation, urgent action … [ Read Article ]

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