GBIC: MiFID II is driving customers away from the capital markets

14 March 2019
The German Banking Industry Committee (GBIC) has studied the impact of the European Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II). [ mehr ... ]

Krautscheid: Strengthen Europe’s constructive forces

27 February 2019
Around three months before the European elections, the private banks reiterate that more, not less, Europe is what’s needed. “We have at the moment a lot of construction sites in and around Europe. This makes it all the more ... [ mehr ... ]

The Association of German Banks welcomes progress on the risk reduction package

4 December 2018
Today in Brussels, EU finance ministers have reached agreement on major elements of the risk reduction package. Christian Ossig, Chief Executive of the Association of German Banks, welcomed the fact that negotiations had progressed more quickly than expected. [ mehr ... ]

Krautscheid: We need more EU single market, not less

21 November 2018
The German private banks believe the European Union should push ahead more decisively with the single market for financial services after the elections in May 2019. “We need more and a better Europe, not a relapse into walled-off national markets ... [ mehr ... ]

Italy shouldn’t jeopardise the credibility of the euro

5 November 2018
Hans-Walter Peters, president of the Association of German Banks, calls for a quick and firm change of course by the ECB. [ mehr ... ]

Go-ahead for HSH Nordbank’s transition to Deposit Protection Fund

5 November 2018
“The solution that has now been found can serve as a blueprint for switches in future from other protection schemes to the Deposit Protection Fund”, said Hans-Walter Peters, the Association of German Banks’ president. [ mehr ... ]

Autumn forecast: despite mounting risks economy will remain stable

4 October 2018
The world economy was likely to remain on track in the coming year. This is the main message of the latest economic forecast of the Association of German Banks. [ mehr ... ]

Call by French and German banks: more than ever, Europe is the solution

22 June 2018
In the run-up to the meeting of European heads of state and government, the French and German banking associations have expressed their willingness to contribute to and shape the future development of the European Union. [ mehr ... ]

Krautscheid: Artificial Intelligence will change the face of banking as well

13 June 2018
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is regarded as one of most promising technologies in the ongoing digital Transformation. [ mehr ... ]

Association of German Banks concerned about nexus between states and banks

24 May 2018
The European Commission has today unveiled a proposal paving the way for the securitisation of government bonds. [ mehr ... ]

Designing the right framework for sustainable finance

24 May 2018
As part of its Action Plan on Sustainable Finance, the European Commission has today issued the first concrete legislative proposals. [ mehr ... ]

Association of German Banks presents position paper on use of customer data

23 May 2018
Digitisation generates a wealth of data that both banks and fintechs aim to use for the benefit of their customers. The Association of German Banks presented a paper on this today. [ mehr ... ]

Banking association sees Brexit timetable in danger

19 March 2018
“Just over twelve months before the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union, too many questions are still open,” said Andreas Krautscheid, the association’s chief executive, today in Frankfurt. [ mehr ... ]

Italian-German Dialogue on Financial Services to intensify

9 March 2018
The two financial communities met in Rome today for the second round of the initiative of FeBAF and GBIC. Positive outlooks for the future, ready for the next challenges the sector is expected to play. A balanced European financial regulation ... [ mehr ... ]

Banks and fintechs welcome European Commission’s Fintech Action Plan

8 March 2018
“With the action plan it unveiled today, the European Commission has acknowledged the importance of digitisation for the financial markets,” said Andreas Krautscheid, chief executive of the Association of German Banks. It was right to opt mainly for recommendations and ... [ mehr ... ]

Banks welcome EU Action Plan on Sustainable Finance

8 March 2018
The European Commission has today unveiled its Action Plan on Sustainable Finance. “We welcome the European Commission’s initiative to achieve the Paris climate targets,” said Christian Ossig. [ mehr ... ]

New study: private banks are the most important partners of German exporters

12 February 2018
The private banks in Germany are the most important financing partners of the German export sector: the finance for 88 per cent of German foreign trade is handled by private banks. [ mehr ... ]

Association of German Banks views breakthrough in Brexit talks positively

8 December 2017
The European Commission today announced that sufficient progress had been made to enter the second phase of Brexit talks. Association of German Banks views breakthrough in Brexit talks positively. [ mehr ... ]

Association of German Banks welcomes European approach to Basel III

8 December 2017
The European Commission announced yesterday that it would carry out an impact assessment to evaluate the precise effects of the Basel III package. [ mehr ... ]

Ossig: Basel III mustn’t handicap European banks

22 November 2017
The ongoing Basel talks mustn’t lead to European banks ultimately being handicapped. This is the message from the Association of German Banks. [ mehr ... ]

Don’t endanger the success of the deposit protection reform

13 November 2017
Peters called for a decisive change of course by the European Central Bank (ECB). The economy in Europe was doing well and deflation risks had been dispelled. [ mehr ... ]

Banking association president Peters: ECB decision on expansive monetary policy inadequate

26 October 2017
The European Central Bank (ECB) today announced first adjustments to its bond-buying programme from January 2018, and the Association of German Banks believes it is moving in the right direction. [ mehr ... ]

Michael Kemmer to leave Association of German Banks

24 October 2017
General Manager Michael Kemmer is leaving the Association of German Banks at the end of this year at his own request. Andreas Krautscheid and Christian Ossig, both members of the Senior Management Board, will run the Association of German Banks ... [ mehr ... ]

Kemmer: MiFID II undermines the trust between customer and bank

18 October 2017
The Association of German Banks is critical of the far-reaching effects of the new European directive MiFID II on banks and customers. [ mehr ... ]

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