IFRSs a success story – press ahead quickly with endorsement of IFRS 9

13 November 2014
The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) are a success story, for they unite the relevant accounting rules worldwide under one roof. [ Read Article ]

Association of German Banks: comprehensive assessment helps to make European financial system much more stable

23 October 2014
Europe is breaking new ground with the comprehensive assessment (CA) of its financial system. [ Read Article ]

Association of German Banks welcomes EU-wide fight against tax fraud based on international OECD standard

14 October 2014
We welcome the EU’s decision to base the EU-wide exchange of information on an internationally uniform standard in future. [ Read Article ]

Association of German Banks on new sanctions against Russia

12 September 2014
After already tightening the screws with the last round of sanctions, the EU’s new measures are aimed above all at further restricting access to European capital markets. [ Read Article ]

Ombudsman of the German private banks: decisions soon to be binding on disputes involving amounts up to 10,000 euros

28 August 2014
For complaints submitted from 1 January 2015, the amount up to which the decisions of our ombudsmen will be binding will be raised to 10,000 euros. [ Read Article ]

Association of German Banks on the details published today of the Comprehensive Assessment

17 July 2014
Michael Kemmer, General Manager of the Association of German Banks, stressed the importance of good communication with reference to the details unveiled today of the Comprehensive Assessment. [ Read Article ]

Michael Kemmer, General Manager of the Association of German Banks, on the stress test scenarios unveiled today by the European Banking Authority (EBA)

29 April 2014
The stress test scenarios released today by the EBA make clear that banks face a tough test. This is particularly because, among other things, all sovereign bonds are included in significant stress scenarios. [ Read Article ]

Banks and policymakers: joint responsibility for Europe

9 April 2014
Banking Congress 2014 – keynote speech [ Read Article ]

Recent survey for the 20th German Banking Congress: Germans view European Union positively – solidarity with crisis-hit eurozone countries

7 April 2014
Germans are increasingly seeing the benefits that the European Union has for our country. [ Read Article ]

Association of German Banks: Enhanced exchange of information will help to combat tax evasion

24 March 2014
We support the international objective of combating tax evasion and tax fraud associated with cross-border investments. [ Read Article ]

More transparency and risk control in derivative markets

11 February 2014
The reporting requirement for derivative contracts taking effect tomorrow will implement one of the key lessons learned from the financial crisis and make the derivative markets significantly more transparent – and will do so worldwide. [ Read Article ]

Association of German Banks on publication of the stress test specifications

31 January 2014
The specifications for the stress test have been eagerly awaited by the banks. Now they can start to prepare for the test. [ Read Article ]

Association of German Banks on publication of a European Commission proposal for structural reform of the banking sector

29 January 2014
The German economy needs and wants universal banks. The Commission proposal now harbours the danger that banks will no longer be able to offer their customers the usual services on the same scale as before. [ Read Article ]

Common derivatives rules: Association of German Banks calls for further convergence

27 December 2013
The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) partially recognised European derivatives regulation on 20 December 2013. [ Read Article ]

Banking union: the foundations for the second phase of construction have been laid

19 December 2013
Now that Europe’s finance ministers have reached an agreement, Europe is on the home straight towards the second phase of banking union. [ Read Article ]

Association of German Banks fears negative consequences of Volcker Rule

11 December 2013
The version of the Volcker Rule passed yesterday drops some originally planned restrictions that would have had a particularly harmful effect on the financial markets and banks outside the US. [ Read Article ]

Association of German Banks welcomes successful conclusion of the WTO talks in Bali

9 December 2013
The WTO’s agreement on simplifying procedures for trading across borders will provide a major stimulus to the global economy. [ Read Article ]

Association of German Banks’ President Fitschen: no prosperity at the expense of the next generations

25 November 2013
The Association of German Banks’ President, Jürgen Fitschen, stressed today how important solid public finances and sound welfare systems were. [ Read Article ]

Association of German Banks on bank resolution

10 November 2013
Michael Kemmer, General Manager of the Association of German Banks, on the widely discussed idea to restrict the Single Resolution Mechanism (SRM) to big European banks. [ Read Article ]

Association of German Banks: Press ahead quickly with banking union – strengthen the eurozone

13 October 2013
The banking union decided by the EU will strengthen the eurozone and at the same time make the European financial market more stable for the foreseeable future. [ Read Article ]

German Banking Industry Committee calls for rapid adoption of the Directive on Deposit Guarantee Schemes Strict separation from bank resolution financing

10 July 2013
Today in Brussels the member umbrella organisations of the German Banking Industry Committee called for a clear separation between the EU Commission's proposals for bank resolution financing [ Read Article ]

Association of German Banks: eurozone member-elect Latvia reinforces stability-mindedness

9 July 2013
Latvia is a country joining the euro that was badly shaken by the financial crisis not so long ago but is now back on solid ground again. [ Read Article ]

New President of the Association of German Banks: Fitschen stresses strength of the universal bank

15 April 2013
Germany has had a tried and tested universal banking system for many years and decades. It enables risks to be spread widely, thus contributing to the stability of the financial sector. [ Read Article ]

Fitschen takes over presidency of the Association of German Banks

12 April 2013
Jürgen Fitschen, Co-Chairman of the Management Board and the Group Executive Committee of Deutsche Bank AG, will take over the presidency of the Association of German Banks. [ Read Article ]

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