Small and medium-sized private Banks - reliable partners

Stand: 06 November 2015

The private banks include both big, internationally operating banks and small banks with a regional focus, as well as both universal banks and banks specializing in individual lines of business. The small and medium-sized – and partly ownermanaged – private banks are a natural counterpart to the family-run companies that dominate Germany’s Mittelstand (its SME sector). These companies, too, have a business philosophy that is based on thinking long-term and acting responsibly over generations. Long-term performance, safety and the avoidance of needless risks are key entrepreneurial criteria for both family-run companies and small and medium-sized private banks alike. As old-established, regionally rooted banks, they also feel they have a special responsibility for the region in which they operate. Over and above their actual business activity, they therefore assume social responsibility and are actively involved, in many ways, in serving the public good.

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