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23 February 2022
Data Act ensures a fair balance of interests

The European Commission has presented its Data Act to ensure fairness in the digital environment and make data more accessible.


14 February 2022
GBIC comments on machine learning for IRB Models

The GBIC has commented on a consultation of the European Banking Authority on machine learning for IRB models. In general, …

Blog article

9 February 2022
Next Stop: Common Taxonomy for Sustainable Investment?

“Fostering global ambition” is, rightly, a key element of the EU Sustainable Finance Strategy published by the European Commission in …


31 January 2022
Comments Review of the regulatory framework for investment firms and market operators ..

On 31 January 2022, GBIC commented on the EU Commission's proposal for an amended Regulation on markets in financial instruments …

Blog article

25 January 2022
First in a series of videos on “Sustainability and Banks”

We wanted to know in very specific terms: what does implementation look like in practice? We start today with Mireille …


28 December 2021
Climate protection needs strong banks

Christian Sewing, President of the Association of German Banks and Nicolas Théry, President of the French Banking Federation, wrote this …


17 December 2021
GBIC comments on ESMA's Consultation on Amendments to MiFID II Requirements on Best E ..

GBIC critically comments on ESMA's proposed amendments to the revision of MiFID II requirements on Best Execution Reports (RTS 27 …


16 December 2021
By-laws of the Deposit Protection Fund of the Association of German Banks

By-laws of the Deposit Protection Fund valid from August 2021

Press release

8 December 2021
German private banks adopt extensive reform of deposit protection

This means protection limits will be geared to the needs of depositors. For 98 percent of retail savers, nothing will …

Position Paper

2 December 2021
Data economy – we need a new cross-sector data framework

The Association of German Banks believes the first step should be to establish a European legal framework that enables data …


29 November 2021
KPMG study shows: Commission ban would exclude broad sections of the population from ..

Commission-based advice ensures that all sections of the population have access to qualified investment advice and can participate in the …

Press release

8 November 2021
Hamburg Commercial Bank to join the Deposit Protection Fund

The Hamburg Commercial Bank (HCOB) will become a full member of the Association of German Banks on 1 January 2022 …


3 November 2021
Sewing: ISSB in Frankfurt a major success

Christian Sewing, President of the Association of German Banks, on the decision of the IFRS Foundation to base the International …


27 October 2021
Christian Ossig on the implementation of Basel IV

The European Commission’s proposals for implementing the Basel rules are a step in the right direction. But they do not …

Press release

25 October 2021
Banks want to be at the forefront of the fight against climate change

Shortly before the COP26 world climate conference in Glasgow, the private banks have set out their position on how to …

Position Paper

25 October 2021
Sustainable finance report of private banks 2021

The years 2020 and 2021 have shown that sustainability and climate change are the burning issues of our time and …


20 October 2021
Association of German Banks’ President, Christian Sewing, on Jens Weidmann’s resignat ..

Jens Weidmann has been a strong Bundesbank President for more than ten years and, internationally, he is a highly respected …


1 October 2021
DK Response to ESMA Consultation on the Draft of the new EMIR Reporting Guidelines

DK participated in the consultation on ESMA guidelines for EMIR reporting requirements.


30 September 2021
GBIC comments on EBA consultation paper on revised RTS on credit risk adjustments (EB ..

The GBIC advocates that newly created risk provisions should avoid a double burden on Common Equity Tier 1 capital.


28 September 2021
Andreas Krautscheid on the result of the Bundestag election and its implications for ..

”Time is nevertheless of the essence: what we need as quickly as possible is an alliance to tackle the challenges …


28 September 2021
GBIC comments on the current EBA consultation on draft SREP guidelines and supervisor ..

GBIC welcomes the decision to update the SREP Guidelines.


28 September 2021
GBIC welcomes proposal for an EU standard for green bonds – further revisions necessa ..

GBIC welcomes proposal for an EU standard for green bonds – further revisions necessary


24 September 2021
DK comments on EBA consultation paper on COREP and asset encumbrance reporting (EBA/C ..

We welcome that, regardless of a threshold calculation, small and non-complex institutions (SNCIs) will be exempt from extended reporting requirements.

Position Paper

23 September 2021
Position paper areas requiring action to make better use of cloud technology

Digitisation has been a key topic for many years now and it is one to which the Association of German …

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